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Annapurna - Faceted Rainbow Fluorite and Silver Necklace

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This necklace features exceptional rainbow fluorite in vibrant green and purple. Entirely faceted by hand, it has been designed to best reflect the light . It is mounted in a minimalist silver case, highlighting the beauty and virtues of this wonderful fluorite.

Fluorite honors Annapurna , Hindu goddess of food and abundance , among others. It represents divine care , nourishing, providing the energy necessary for knowledge and illumination .

Fluorite brings self- confidence , mental clarity and concentration. It is a stone of protection , which can also be used during meditation . Its rainbow colors allow it to integrate spiritual energies while increasing intuition and concentration . It is a stone of serenity and appeasement. It plays a central role in spiritual awakening .

Unique piece, faceted rainbow fluorite and silver necklace. The chain (approx. 45cm) in 925 silver is offered free of charge and cannot be subject to complaints or returns. Do not expose to water.

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