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Crystal Witch - Larimar, Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone, Ethiopian Black Opal and Blue Labradorite and Silver Ring

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This stunning silver ring features five exceptional stones : larimar, amethyst, rainbow moonstone, black opal and blue labradorite.

THE larimar is a stone of appeasement , which harmonizes energies emotional, spiritual and physical. It keeps away the negative and brings positivity In our lifes.

Amethyst is a stone of wisdom and humility. It is said to promote spiritual elevation , meditation and creativity . Amethyst is one of the most powerful spiritual protection stones.

Rainbow moonstone helps regulate emotions all in developing our intuition . It is a stone which brings great protection . There Rainbow moonstone is also called peristerite or white labradorite.

Ethiopian opal , also called opal Welo , is a stone with multiple mystical virtues: symbol of hope and purity , it is a stone of protection and creativity which is of great help during the meditation . She develops the clairvoyance , while promoting intuition.

There labradorite acts like a shield against negative waves. It is a regenerative stone, which balance and harmonizes our aura. Its blue reflections also make it a stone of intuition and creativity.

Unique piece, silver ring and larimar, amethyst, rainbow moonstone, Welo opal from Ethiopia and blue labradorite. The opal was heated to achieve this black color. Entirely made by hand. Do not expose to water. Suitable from 52 to 57, can be narrowed on simple request .

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