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Gothica - Gothic arch necklace in Tibetan turquoise, brass and silver

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This necklace entirely made by hand , representing a Gothic arch , is decorated with a Tibetan turquoise set in its brass case. The back of the jewel has been stamped with moons and stars.

Turquoise is a stone of calm, of intuition and personal development . Effective on the heart chakra, it strengthens love and friendship. Turquoise is a powerful stone of purification and protection.

Unique piece, brass pendant, 925 silver and Tibetan turquoise . The gold-plated brass chain (approx. 45cm, 1 micron plate) is offered free of charge and is not subject to return or complaints. Do not expose to water.

Dimensions of the pendant: 4 x 1.8cm approx., excluding clip.