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[Reserved] The Sound of Music - Azurite malachite and silver necklace, fauna on the back

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This necklace features an exceptional drop of azurite malachite , surrounded by its silver case. On the back of the jewel, a faun was sawn by hand. The setting is stamped with moons and stars and has been textured and matte by hand.

The Faun is a demigod of Roman mythology , often compared to the satyr of Greek mythology. Half man, half goat , he lives in the woods and fields where he has the power to impregnate herds and protect them from wolves . The faun is often represented accompanied by a cornucopia , percussion, a mask or even a flute as here on the pendant.

Azurite malachite is a very powerful stone, with many mystical virtues. It allows a large spiritual connection to the universe and allows you to develop your clairvoyant gifts. It works in connection with the third eye: azurite malachite is the stone of mediums .

This stone is also a stone of protection , since it chases away negative energies by developing positive energies. It calms the body and mind of the wearer.

Unique piece, silver and azurite malachite pendant. Do not expose to water. The 925 silver chain (length approx. 45cm) is offered free of charge and is not subject to return or complaints.

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