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The Gate of Ukhu Pasha - Ammolite and silver ring, copper skulls

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This pre-Columbian inspired ring features a captivating ammolite with iridescent and luminous green reflections. Two hand-forged copper skulls surround the jewel.

In Inca mythology , the Ukhu Pasha is the underworld in which the deceased find themselves and is one of the three levels of the cosmos with the Hana Pasha, the "upper world" and the Kay Pasha, designating our world. Ukhu Pasha is also the world of new life , associated with crops and Pachamama , popular Inca goddess of fertility .

Ammolite comes from the mineralization of fossil ammonite , a prehistoric marine animal that disappeared several million years ago. It was formerly used as protection against spells and in witchcraft . Ammolite promotes positive energies while evacuating negative energies. It improves self-confidence, calms the mind and develops creativity . Ammolite is a stone of financial prosperity and luck .

Unique piece, ring in real ammolite, copper and silver. Adjustable size, suitable from 52 to 57. Can be shortened on request . Do not expose to water.