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The Amulet of Pax - Neon apatite and silver necklace, forged moon, star on the back

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This necklace, adorned with a superb apatite with brilliant reflections , features a hand-forged moon as well as a sawn star on its back. Moons and stars were also forged there.

The goddess Pax is the Roman goddess of peace and security. Pax is the guardian of the people, to whom she restores order and calm during times of conflict.

Apatite is a stone of calm and calm. It is ideal for artists and people who need to channel their emotions. Apatite also makes it possible to develop our third eye as well as our self-confidence.

Unique piece, silver and apatite pendant. The 925 silver chain (approx. 45cm) is offered free of charge and is not subject to return or complaints. Do not expose to water.