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The Jewel of Salacie - Faceted dendritic blue opal and copper ring

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Here is an exceptional stone that is very rarely found in jewelry: dendritic blue opal, whose intense blue color and dendrites are reminiscent of the mysterious seabed .

In Roman mythology, Salacia is the goddess of the Sea . She is the wife of the very popular god Neptune and mother of the god Triton . The goddess Amphitrite is her Greek equivalent. She is often represented as a beautiful nymph with a crown of seaweed.

Blue opal allows you to free yourself from your fears, while allowing an awakening of consciousness . It promotes sleep and stimulates reflection and intuition . Blue opal is a calming and soothing stone , self -confidence , prosperity and abundance .

Unique piece, adjustable size. Copper and faceted dendritic blue opal ring. Do not expose to water. Moons and stars struck on the back, half-rings. Suitable from 53 to 58, can be narrowed on request .

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