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L'Obole de Charon - Forged, reversible medallion, in silver and faceted garnet, skull on the back

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This medieval-inspired medallion features a drop of faceted garnet , with captivating red reflections. At the back of the jewel, a skull has been forged by hand .

Both sides are decorated by hand, so it is reversible !

In the Middle Ages, just as in Ancient Greece, it was customary to pay Charon, the Passer of Hell , by putting a coin (or obol) in the mouths of the deceased or on their eyes when they were placed in coffins. This made it possible to pay Charon and ensure a safe crossing of the River Styx and therefore a good passage to the Beyond.

THE garnet is a powerful stone of protection against negative energies, which gives strength, courage and self-confidence. It is ideal for use during meditation or astral travel.

Unique piece, pendant in silver and faceted garnet, entirely hand forged in our workshop. The silver chain is offered free of charge and is not subject to return or complaints. Do not expose to water.

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