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Necromantia - Faceted Mystic Quartz and Silver Coffin Necklace

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This necklace, in silver and mystical quartz, reveals its depth once highlighted: the back of the stone is openwork , in order to make the most of its benefits. 

Necromancy is an occult science , a method of divination , by which the person practicing it can enter into contact with the World of the Dead in order to consult them.

Quartz is a essential stone in lithotherapy , since it allows us to amplify power and recharge all the other stones. Also called rock crystal, it absorbs negative energies while accompanying you during meditation. It also helps develop imagination , intuition and clairvoyance .

Unique piece, silver and mystical quartz pendant. Mystic quartz has undergone a surface treatment to have this color, this does not alter its properties. The 925 silver chain (approx. 45cm) is offered free of charge and is not subject to return or complaints. Do not expose to water.