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Who is behind the Caravelle?

Welcome to Caravelle Noire!

Everything you will find here is entirely handmade in my Provençal workshop.

My name is Marine, and since 2020, I have been learning the Art of Jewelry on my own by creating unique pieces in silver, precious stones and fine stones.

Passionate about spiritualism, the occult and witchcraft, each of my creations is born from magic and intention.

Here, you won't find a "Men" or "Women" section, because I create for the Soul. Is a piece calling to you? So, it’s made for you :-)


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Crafts from Provence

Caravelle Noire, magical and authentic jewelry

At Caravelle Noire, witchcraft, pagan spirituality, esotericism are not a fashion. These are themes that have animated me since my earliest childhood and which punctuate my life.

My jewelry is created with intention and Magic.

- Marine