The history of Caravelle Noire

Caravelle Noire was created in 2019 in Provence by Marine, French creator, after a career change.

All the products we use at Caravelle Noire are natural (silver, precious and semi precious stones) and crueltyfree (which means, not using any animal product). 

Each creation is original, almost always unique. We never copy from other artists!


Behind Caravelle Noire

Welcome! So I am Marine, 33, young selftaught silversmith from Provence.

I began thinking about a career change back in 2019, after I was forced to stay on bedrest for two months due to a complicated pregnancy. I loved my job as a webmarketing manager, but I wanted to use my professional knowledge for myself since a long time. I also felt very vividly the need to work with my hands something that came from Mother Nature. I collected lithotherapy stones since my childhood and had (and still have to this day!) a passion for them. After testing out several ways of creation, I spent a few hours with a fine jeweller in Aix-en-Provence. This was like a revelation to me: I had to create using stones, too.

And so, that was decided. Caravelle Noire as you know it today was launched: a shop where you can find unique jewels made by hand with the heart and intention, by a pagan soul who's always in need of learning and sharing the jewels from Mother Earth.

Reveal Your Inner Magic