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Chrysanthemum Solis - Carved citrine and silver necklace, chrysanthemum on the back

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This necklace features a superb sculpted citrine with warm and soothing yellow reflections . At the back of the jewel, a chrysanthemum has been hand sawn, allowing light to pass through the stone.

According to cultures, the chrysanthemum symbolizes joy, friendship, but also immortality . Also called "Golden Flower", it is the symbol of the sun .

Citrine is a stone of abundance , wealth, prosperity and success . It promotes creativity and concentration by balancing our energies and protecting our aura. Citrine is, generally speaking, a positive stone .

Unique piece, silver and citrine pendant. Eyes and hearts hammered on the back. The 925 silver chain (approx. 45cm) is offered free of charge and cannot be returned or claimed. Do not expose to water.