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The Snake Goddess - Apatite and silver necklace, forged snakes

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This necklace, adorned with a superb apatite with silvery and shiny reflections , is surrounded by two hand-forged snakes. On his back, moons and stars were struck. The silhouette of a snake was also sawn there.

The Serpent Goddess is a chthonic deity of the Minoan civilization. Its appearance dates back to at least 3500 BC , particularly in Crete. It is linked to family and home .

Apatite is a stone of calm and calm. It is ideal for artists and people who need to channel their emotions. Apatite also makes it possible to develop our third eye as well as our self-confidence.

Unique piece, silver and apatite necklace. Total length of the necklace (chain + pendant): approximately 54.5cm.

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