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Le Jörmungand - Cuff bracelet in lapis lazuli, faceted crystal and silver, forged snake

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This cuff was entirely handmade in our workshop. It features a snake forged from silver wire and a drop of lapis lazuli and crystal.

The Jörmungand is a gigantic sea serpent , son of the god and goddess Loki and Angrboda. It is said that Jörmungand grows so much that it eventually surrounds the world and bites its own tail. He is at the origin of the tidal waves which take place during Ragnarök .

Lapis lazuli is a powerful stone that promotes spiritual elevation and inner strength. Wear it close to the heart chakra and it will give you courage to overcome difficult challenges and will help you move forward. It allows you to free yourself from your anxieties and brings calm and serenity .

Unique piece, cuff bracelet in lapis lazuli, faceted crystal and silver. Do not expose to water. Adjustable size, suitable for a wrist circumference of 14 to 18cm, can be shortened on request .