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Les Atlantes - Peruvian opal ring with chrysocolla inclusions, silver

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This simple ring features a unique stone , made of Peruvian opal and chrysocolla inclusions . Stars were struck on his back.

Atlantis, city of the Atlanteans , is a huge mythical island which belonged to the God of the Seas Poseidon , and which is said to have disappeared following a cataclysm, like a paradise lost at the bottom of the oceans . It is said that its civilization and its riches had no equal.

Opal allows you to free yourself from your fears, while allowing a awakening of consciousness . It promotes sleep and stimulates reflection and intuition . Opal is a calming stone and soothing, self -confidence , prosperity and abundance .

There chrysocolla is a magnificent forest green stone, with very high calming powers. It stimulates the creativity , intuition, serenity while keeping the negative away. It is a stone symbol of nature and fertility.

Unique piece, adjustable size. Silver, opal and chrysocolla ring. Do not expose to water.

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