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Sacra Geometria - Himalayan Crystal and Silver Ring

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Sacred geometry is found all around us, whether in Nature , Art or even Architecture . It is the study of geometric shapes created by the Divine , Nature, or any other form of Higher Power, which brings beauty and harmony to what surrounds us.

Himalayan crystal is a natural variety of clear quartz , found in northern India. Clear quartz is a essential stone in lithotherapy , since it allows us to amplify power and recharge all the other stones. Also called rock crystal, it absorbs negative energies while accompanying you during meditation. It also helps develop imagination , intuition and clairvoyance .

This necklace features a magnificent Himalayan crystal faceted and engraved by hand . It is also decorated with a triple setting, highlighting the natural beauty of this exceptional stone.

Ring in 925 silver and Himalayan crystal. Unique piece, adjustable size. Do not expose to water or humidity.